Who Is Paul Gordon Ostler?

"Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself, because I love you.” –James Taylor

On August 2, 2005, Paul Ostler, age 15, was fatally struck by lightning while lying on his bunk at Camp Steiner in the Uintah Mountains. Paul was an Eagle Scout in Troop 56. He was a member of the Wasatch Ward of the Hillside Stake. He was just about to begin his sophomore year at East High School.

Paul had an eternal outlook on life. He lived each day with an honest heart. We have lost an incredible person but we can never lose the gift of love he left with us.

Paul was a friend to all who knew him. He loved to say funny things, make goofy faces, make silly gestures-he wanted to make people laugh. In all things, Paul was a teacher and a mentor. He never passed up a moment or opportunity to share some talent or skill that would benefit another. During his life, many people looked up to Paul. He was a good role model. Paul knew what he should do and he did it. Paul also loved to tease! He especially loved to tease girls. Paul cared very deeply for people.

Paul loved to make Lego creations! He had a huge storage bin filled to the very top with Lego's. Paul would pour the entire box out on the living room floor and create wild buildings, machines, and vehicles. Paul could be found working with his Legos and having conversations with the Lego people…the scary part was when the Lego people answered him!

Not only was Paul creative with Legos, he was creative in his interactions with others. He loved to mimic the latest movie. He sounded exactly like Napoleon Dynamite. He would watch a movie and leave the theater quoting obscure events in the movie that went over most viewers' heads…especially his mother's!

It was evident early in Paul's' life that he loved books. Paul loved to read a variety of books from an early age. Of course, this fact thrilled his mother. Their favorite pastime was reading book after book. Did Paul have favorites? Yes, every book was his favorite. His early favorites were "Go Doggie Go"…better known as "Go, Goggie, Go" and "The Napping House" and "King Bidgood's in the Bathtub." Paul also loved Sammy Keyes, The Boxcar Children, and Lemony Snicket books just to name a few. Paul liked to talk to his friends and his cousins about the books he was reading. Paul loved the challenge of having reading races with his mom. Paul ALWAYS won the race and then he would off on another reading adventure. His passion for reading rapidly progressed and no one was surprised when he finished his second reading of the newest Harry Potter before most people even had their book! Paul would often be found with a little light on in the bookroom so he could read far into the night without his mom finding out! Paul loved every book, he especially enjoyed reading ahead of the class assignments. After all, he needed to finish this book as he had other books to read!

Your friends and family miss you, Paul. If Paul could talk to us, he would want us to be happy, to help other people laugh, he would want us to take time to play. Paul never took life too seriously; he truly laughed often and loved deeply. Paul loved his family and friends with a generous and full heart. Our memories of Paul are kept close to our hearts, but we can let the light of Paul's life shine through us as we work to make a difference in our world…one book, one story at a time.

"In my heart there'll always be a place for you, for all my life. I'll keep a part of you with me, and everywhere I am there you'll be" ~Faith Hill