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The ongoing construction of this site is our dedication to Paul and the love that he shared with us. We are endeavoring to spread the gift of literacy and friendship to as many people as we can. Ultimately all who participate in Paul's Pass-Along books will have the opprotunity to read numerous books, share those books, and use this site to follow the journey of those books. As we begin this project we ask all those who read and pass along Paul's books to email their name, book number, city/state and comments to teresa@paulsbooks.org

We're in the process of changing our tracking system, and you may find that your Paul's Book may have either the old or the new tracking numbers. If your book has a four-digit tracking number, please follow this link and browse for the book in the list. Once you have found the book, please write in the ten-digit "BCID" number that you find there. If your book has a ten-digit number, please enter it in below.